The Content Shop was founded to help solve the gap that most companies have with consistently publishing content that their audience finds compelling enough to share.

Brands are realizing the power of pass along — a word, a message, a tip or a story worth sharing – among their online audience. Today, there is rarely a middle man editor/producer, and the benefit of creating (or curating) content for your brand results in the ability to own your own media channels. Google rewards brands who do, elevating their status in search. It used to be about clicks, now it’s all about likes and shares and publishing meaningful content.

Creating content – text, audio, video, animation or even infographics – should be generated in a manner that is engaging, shareable and most importantly in sync with your company’s business goals and objectives.

If your organization is scratching heads and pointing fingers at who will create and manage online content you are not alone. If it were simple, your content would be current to the day instead of that last update made before a big trade show. Consistency is critical.

If you consider your web site to be the nerve center of your marketing efforts then you better have a content strategy. If you don’t have the internal capacity to drive refreshed and engaging content backed by a strategy that’s calculated and measured, well, then you’ve come to the right Shop.


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