Ouch! That Copy is Sharp.

Writers who hone their craft for the web know that every word matters.  It’s not enough to be interesting, engaging and entertaining; the copy has to be sharp.  Razor sharp.

When your competition is just a click away, copy must be interesting to your readers and key word rich – to capture the attention of search engines.  (Key words are common search terms that your audience types into Google to find you).  If it does both, it’s sharp and designed to succeed.

Writing for the web is a fine balance.  Many brands are losing the battle because, quite frankly, we recognize it’s not written for us.  It’s dull and boring and often doesn’t make sense.  If you have to ask, “Did you write this for me, or for Google?” it’s likely you’ll fall from your potential customer’s list of favorites.

When content is valuable and well-written, we broadcast it to our networks.  When copy is sharp, it will organically rise in search.  Inbound links will do more to improve your rankings than stuffing your copy with key words.

Keep it sharp, cut through the clutter and your brand wins.

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