I Can Hear You, But I Don’t Have a Clue Who You Are

Who are YOU?

Oh sure, I just read a statement about your company that tells me your brand is impactful, revolutionary and offers proactive solutions with a synergistic approach.

Insert head tilt and a puzzled expression.  

Where is the voice of your brand in all that gobbeldy-gook jargon?  Voice typically refers to a writers style that is used in dialogue, point-of-view and character development.  Voice also makes your words believable.  And I really didn’t get, or believe, that statement about your company.

We know that creating and publishing engaging content is more important than ever.  If you want to make a good first impression and move to a second date than make your corporate voice a little more human.  Some brands do a great job of communicating voice, like:  Zappos, Red Bull and Athleta.  I get the personality of each of these brands by the way in which they speak to me.  Personality is critical across all social platforms and the self-publishing powerhouse you’ve become.  So who are you?

Once your voice is established, and is consistent across all of your outbound efforts, then we can begin building a relationship.  And guess what, I actually open (and read!) your blogs and emails and like your posts.  Not just because you’ve banned the robo-copywriting.  But, because I GET who you are.

I’d like to hear from you more often, once I know who I’m listening to and liking what I’ve learned.  So go on, speak-up.  Use your voice and while you’re at it, ban these 5 buzz words.

  1. Reach-out
  2. Ping
  3. Offline
  4. Bandwidth
  5. Anything that ends in -ize, except optomize when you’re talking about SEO

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