If Content is King, Relevancy is Definitely Queen.

Bill Gates said it.  Waaay back in 1996.  “Content is King.”

Today, brands in the know definitely understand the “King” philosophy.  It’s all about the content.  You have to feed the King, consistently to keep him fat and happy.

However (insert dramatic pause) consistency is not enough when it comes to website content.  If you publish blogs, white papers, webinars, etc., that your audience subscribes to BUT can’t relate to — then what good is your diligence in reining over the monarchy.  It’s only a matter of time before your people defect.

Let it be known!  2013 is the year of the Queen.  Relevancy IS Queen.  Please bow to the bejeweled one who’s popular to the people – and for a good reason. She knows what they want to hear about, learn about, and be entertained by.  She speaks in her own special voice, as if she’s whispering one-on-one to her kingdom of loyal followers.

No matter how great you think the text, audio, video, etc., may be… and how fast you can upload it, your customers have to care about it.

If you are calling into question your crown (err, tiara), ask yourself this:

  • Does the content you’re publishing fit your brand?  If you’re curating content then this is a Come-to-Jesus moment.  If it doesn’t fit your brand persona, then DO NOT publish it.
  • Does it focus on your core business?  Oh sure, you can have fun with entertaining behind the scenes docu-drama.  Or, something that may engage a select few.  But, if your website is intended to meet specific objectives (which it better!) then make sure the content helps achieve those objectives by being relevant.
  • Does it grow your authority? You are the expert, or you wouldn’t feel the need in the first place to publish your expertise.  Does publishing this content help crown you Queen?

If the tiara fits, wear it… and celebrate your awesomeness.  If your crown is a bit tarnished, then you may need a tune-up.  It’s o.k. to put your site into the Shop and reevaluate your content plan.  We help companies like you stay relevant… all the time.

Long live the Queen!

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