If Content is King, Relevancy is Definitely Queen.

Bill Gates said it.  Waaay back in 1996.  “Content is King.” Today, brands in the know definitely understand the “King” philosophy.  It’s all about the content.  You have to feed the King, consistently to keep him fat and happy. However (insert dramatic pause) consistency is not enough when it comes to website content.  If you … Continue reading If Content is King, Relevancy is Definitely Queen.

Content Marketing is the new Online PR

In order to be a great PR professional you had to think like a publisher — or a news editor, or producer. You had to know the audience of a particular publication or program well in order to craft a pitch to gain the attention of the guy on the decision making end of the proposition. He stood between you and your target consumer. She wielded the power of that third party credibility you desperately needed. Not anymore.